Incompleteness and Computability

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Textbook on Gödel’s incompleteness theorems and computability theory, developed for Calgary’s Logic III course, based on the Open Logic Project. Covers recursive function theory, arithmetization of syntax, the first and second incompleteness theorem, models of arithmetic, second-order logic, and the lambda calculus.

This repository/directory only contains the LaTeX files and illustrations needed to typeset the textbook Incompleteness and Computability, which in turn requires the Open Logic Text.

You can download the PDF from the Open Logic builds site, or order a hardcopy from Amazon [US] [CA] [UK] [DE].

To install and compile:

  • Download/install the Open Logic Text from GitHub, including photos if you want those.
  • Navigate to the subdirectory courses/
  • Put the content of this repository into a subdirectory of it, say courses/incompleteness-computability.

If you use git, this should do it:

# git clone
# cd OpenLogic/courses
# git clone
# cd ../assets
# git clone
# git clone

Inside courses/incompleteness-computability, you can now compile:

# pdflatex ic-screen

or just # make if you have latexmk installed. (You’ll also have to do bibtex ic-screen for the bibliography.)

The file ic-screen.tex produces a color version of the text with smaller margins for screen reading. ic-print produces a black-and-white version designed for printing on Crown Quarto stock (without cover).

The file loads ic.tex, which contains the actual material. It in turn includes other files, most of them from the OpenLogic repository. So you won’t get a complete book unless you download into the right subdirectory of and compile from there.

Creative Commons License

Incompleteness and Computability by Richard Zach is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.